April 2021 Messy Church

Happy Easter. Wow! what a rollercoaster the disciples have been on for the past week… They had been part of the celebration of Palm Sunday … could Jesus be the King they had been waiting for many many years? Been surprised and puzzled by the events of The last Supper. They had watched in disbelief […]

Palm Sunday 2021

Today is Palm Sunday and the beginning of Jesus’ last week. This week will be full of excitement, joy, wonder, expectation, utter sadness, disappointment, pain, suffering, despair, confusion, guilt, unbelief, exhilaration … and so many other emotions. We begin the week with Jesus entering Jerusalem, a celebration of Jesus, the coming King. But Jesus is […]

Sunday 14th March

Our story moves on, The people of God had been in Babylonian captivity almost 70 years. More than twenty years had passed since King Nebuchadnezzar died. Daniel is still in Babylon, Belshazzar is in charge. Nebuchadnezzar learnt that Daniels God was the one true God.. but Belshazzar thought he knew better. He threw a massive, […]