Sunday 13th June: Offer

We all have something to offer to others to help them. In the Cheeky Panda treehouse the song machine is broken and LuLu is trying to fix it, but is only making it worse. She learns that it is important to listen when someone is offering to help. We can ask God to help grow […]

Sunday 6th June: Sorry

This week the Cheeky Pandas find out how important it is to say sorry! Even though it’s not always easy, when we do something wrong it’s important to say sorry, and Jesus will always forgive us. CJ has to say sorry when he eats Benji’s last piece of pizza, just like the woman said sorry […]

Sunday 18th April

Today we’re going to be looking at another encounter 2 disciples had with Jesus after he had come back to life. These disciples had come to Jerusalem to celebrate – the festival of passover. But they never expected what actually happened that week. They are travelling home – the weight of the world on their […]