Sunday Groups

On the 4th Sunday of the month we have a shorter more relaxed service with children and adults worshiping together. Often the services are interactive with stories, DVD’s, quizzes, short talks, prayers.


On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd  Sunday mornings during the service we have various activities for children:


There is an area at the back of church for our younger children and babies. There are also a number of Crèche bags with various toys and puzzles that you can take to your seat for your child/baby to play with.


Pebbles and Explorers

For children aged 3 -10 (preschool -Yr5)

All the children meet together to explore the bible together through play, storytelling, drama, craft, games and praying together in lots of creative ways.











For young people aged 10- 13 (Yr 6-9) 

We learn about different people & topics in the bible, discuss how the bible is relevant to us can help us and how we can live a Christian lifestyle. Once a month, we have breakfast together and invite people from church to come and meet us to talk about their faith. We encourage and pray for each other.




This group also runs on Sunday mornings for our young people. Click here for details.