Eco Church

“The Lord God place man in the Garden of Eden to tend and watch over it.”

at St James Church

(Genesis 2:15 New Living Translation)

Eco Church is A Rocha UK’s  award scheme for churches in England and Wales. We have taken our first steps in identifying how we care for God’s earth. 

We have undertaken an online survey to find out how we score against five areas of church life:

·         Worship and teaching

·         Management of Church buildings

·         Management of Church Land

·         Community and global engagement

·         Lifestyle


Our current score:

Since Spring 2018 a small working party are now assessing our Garden of Eden and how we can improve our care for God’s world here in Woodley.  We will be working for global and local changes to protect the environment and encouraging all church users to alter their lifestyles to better care for the world around them both locally and globally.  Initially we will be looking into the areas of worship and teaching, land and lifestyle towards achieving a Bronze Eco Church Award.

New members are welcome to join us, as we continue to work towards our Bronze Eco Award. Please email us here

For more information see our Eco Church Facebook page .

Eco News:

Eco Church Noticeboard

Tidying up after Christmas can daunting and where does one start.  Well why not start this decade with a few new eco ideas for your household and cleaning.

Firstly, do not throw items in the rubbish to go to landfill before you have checked out all the 8 R’s of recycling:-


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Zero waste can start in 2020.

Why not think about saving some of your Christmas items from one year to another?  Box items up and pop in a cupboard or the loft until next year.  Mark on the box the contents so before you go out shopping next year you can see what you already have. 

Don’t fancy keeping things!  Before you ditch anything consider if others would like it and you could take to a charity shop or resale locally.  Consider your items trash?  See whether the item can be recycled through kerbside recycling or by taking it to the recycling centres at Reading Smallmead or Bracknell Longsot Lane, Bracknell.  Try the re3 wheel or look at our recycling spreadsheet.   

Click here for your copy of the St James Recycling spread sheet.

Have you every really considered your stuff?  From the natural resources, production, to our consumerism and our stuff and our waste.  Watch ‘the story of stuff’.

Now you’ve tidied how to clean without using harsh or toxic chemicals.  Natural cleaning agents arguably are “kinder” to the environment too.  Use natural products like vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda.  Why not exchange your kitchen paper towels for reusable rags made from old towels, tea towels, or from old t-shirts or try newspaper to clean your windows.

Windows /Mirrors:- Equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, spray on mirrors or windows and clean with lint free cloth or newspaper.

Floors:- Mix four cups of distilled vinegar and gallon of hot water with a couple of drops of essential oils mop onto the floor.  The smell of vinegar will quickly disappear leaving behind clean floors with the smell of your essential oils.

Consider swapping your single use mop for a re-useable mop head and bucket.

Tiles and work surfaces:- Mix two parts of vinegar to one part of baking soda and four parts of water, apply with sponge, or rag and then wipe away.

Mold / Mildew:- wipe over with white vinegar.

If you are not sure on using these then there are lots of different eco-friendly cleaning products now available on the market.  Or if you pop to Wokingham Market on Friday or Saturday try Maya’s Refillables, in Woodley market on the 3rd Wednesday of the month too.

This year / decade consider going paperless using electronic correspondence. Instead of ploughing through piles of paperwork consider getting your statements, newsletters and receipts paperless by email.  This will also help to keep your desk / office tidy.

Share your ideas with the group  – email us just click here! Remember to look at the St James Eco Church page on Facebook.

What’s Happening with Eco Church this year……

We will be continuing our progress with the Eco Church award…going for Bronze……. And coming soon an Eco Survey to help you assess how eco you are and see if there are any areas we can help you with on your eco journey.

Local Environmental Events:

Big Garden Bird Watch January 25-27th with RSPB – for more info click here!


Here are some links you might like to look up:

The Church of England “The Environment and Climate Change” 

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Earley Environmental Group 


Oakwood Forest Church 

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Climate Stewards 

Energy Saving Trust


“Creation Care; A Biblical Theology of the Natural World” by Duncan Moo and Jonathan Moo

“Planetwise; Dare to care for God’s World” by Dave Bookless

“Just Living: Faith and Community in an Age of Consumerism” by Ruth Valerio

“Christ the Heart of Creation” by Rowan Williams

“Christianity, Climate Change and Sustainable Living” by Nick Spencer and Robert White

Previous Eco ideas:

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