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Ideas you could try in August 2018

…not all at once but perhaps pick one or two ideas and try them out during August and they might become new habits or spark your interest in a particular area….


How do you travel to and from church… if you left earlier could you consider walking to church? 

Are you aware there are cycle rings installed at church.  Now you have somewhere safe to store your bike when you cycle to church!

  Use water wisely

Fix those dripping taps to save water and money.

Consider fitting a water meter.  

Do you have a Hippo  fitted in your toilet cisterns throughout your house?  They could save you water with every flush.

  Holiday Highlights

If you are going out for a day to the beach, why not take a bag in your pocket and pick up any litter you see to stop it ending up in the sea.  Remember only leave footprints in the sand!

Consider using public transport for your day out or holiday journey.  This will help you reduce your carbon emissions and travelling by train or ferry can be part of the adventure!

If you are planning to fly for your holiday you can offset the carbon you generate from your flight.  Check out Climate Stewards.

Holiday waste.  When you are away try and take as much care to save energy, recycle and prevent food waste as you would at home.