Personal Eco-friendly products

Personal Eco-friendly products:

  • You might like to consider using less plastic in the bathroom, substituting bottles of shampoo and conditioners with shampoo bars and conditioning bars.
  • You might consider using deodorant sticks instead of plastic roll on deodorant or deodorant sprays.
  • How about trying out bamboo toothbrushes?
  • Swap your cotton pads for reusable washable pads.
  • Do you use a plastic shower puff? Is it time to swap this for a biodegradable natural loofah or a cotton flannel.
  • Consider overtime, replace cosmetics with more organic or sustainable options. This transition can happen over months or years; if your still loving a particular product, you may as well use it up. Then look to finding more sustainable or environmentally friendly products – there are many webpages that can help you find products.