April 2021 Messy Church

Happy Easter. Wow! what a rollercoaster the disciples have been on for the past week… They had been part of the celebration of Palm Sunday … could Jesus be the King they had been waiting for many many years? Been surprised and puzzled by the events of The last Supper. They had watched in disbelief as Jesus was arrested, tortured and finally put to death. What was going on? Jesus was dead. They were stunned. But on Easter story everything would be turned upside down again… Jesus had come back to life. But there were 2 disciples on their way back from Jerusalem who hadn’t heard the news. They slowly and sadly journeyed along the road… suddenly they were joined by someone… lets see what happened next…

Find out what happened on these 2 very miserable disciples travelling home from Jerusalem.

Road to Emmaus moving craft


  • One template for each child
  • Colour and then cut out background scene and characters
  • Carefully cut a slit in the background scene, along the black line
  • Tape lolly stick to the back of the characters
  • Insert the bottom of the craft stick through the slot from the front.
  • You can use the scene to retell the story about Jesus and his disciples on the road to Emmaus.

Road to Emmaus optical illusion

John3:16 folded puzzle

Seriously surprising adventure trail

Hope wonder and walk

Go for a walk and see what signs of hope you can spot.

Road to Emmaus Spinning craft

  • Cut out the two card circles and colour in—with Jesus in the middle on one and two men on the outer edges on the other;
  • Glue back to back with the straw in the middle. If you tape the straw to one of the circles it will stop it sliding.
  • Spin them  between your hands to cause the pictures to blend together.  In one Jesus appears with the men;
  • for the science behind it and other ideas, search online for thaumatropes

I don’t believe it

  • You will need: chopsticks or other types of sticks (you will need to provide); craft sticks; pipe cleaners; clothes pegs (provided)
  • Centre the pipe cleaner near one end of the craft stick and wrap it tightly around the craft stick twice on each side.
  • Then clip a peg on both ends of the pipe cleaner.
  • Carefully balance the end of the craft stick on the chopstick.
  • Adjust the pipe cleaner’s position on both sides to achieve balance.
  • The craft stick will ‘stand’!

Talk about how not even death could hold Jesus down. He rose on the third day and stood in front of the women by the tomb, stood among the disciples and walked with 2 of them on the road to Emmaus. Jesus really was alive!!

Reminder box

You will need: card, nice paper, scissors with zigzag blades; print-outs of text to put on the little cards

Box with the following items  string, red ribbon, crossword print, pencil, matchstick, twig, heart, button, tin foil, birthday candle, nail, plaster, coin, flower, puzzle piece, stones. PDF of the verses that go with each object.

Decorate a box with gift wrapping /patterned paper/stickers etc

You will need 16 pieces of coloured card and 16 different coloured papers . Use zig-zag scissors/or other patterned scissors to cut the different coloured papers slightly smaller than the cards, then glue them on to your cards. Glue cut-out texts on the patterned paper. Place all cards in your box with the items.

Talk about the different texts on the cards and how they impact your life.

Can you match the item to the text?

Use this box occasionally to remind you of God’s great love for you.

Glasses to help you see!!

Various activity sheets

when Jesus came back to life again that first Easter we want to shout and sing.. Oh Wow what an awesome God you are!!
a great song to jump up and down and celebrate that God can do anything… anything at all!

Cheeky pandas book of prayers


The closed egg looks like the tomb where Jesus’ friends put his body after he had died.  What does it feel like when we are left on our own, one of our friends goes away or someone we know dies. Ask God to help everyone who is sad, upset or lonely or who has lost someone that they love.

When Jesus died it was not the end of the story- he rose to new life and was no longer inside the tomb.  Something amazing had happened!  Is there anything you’ve done that you need to say sorry about – said unkind words, not been helpful, upset someone. Silently tell God you are sorry about and ask Him to give you a new start. Thank God for chances to start again and ask Him to help people who are scared or worried or ashamed to have hope of a new start too. 

Break the egg open – it’s hollow inside

Eat the chocolate

When Jesus rose to new life, it was amazing and we can be part of this amazing story too! God loves us so much and wants us to love Him. He wants good things for us because he loves us. As you eat the chocolate think about all of the people we love and why we love them. Thank God for those people and ask that he will bless them in the coming year.

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