Sunday 18th April

Today we’re going to be looking at another encounter 2 disciples had with Jesus after he had come back to life. These disciples had come to Jerusalem to celebrate – the festival of passover. But they never expected what actually happened that week. They are travelling home – the weight of the world on their shoulders – Jesus was dead – how could that have happened. Had they heard the rumours that Jesus was alive..

You can read the story in Luke 24: 13-35 or watch these videos….

Some questions to think about together

  • I wonder why the disciples didn’t recognise Jesus
  • Jesus used the bible to help the disciples understand what had happened. Ask your family about their favourite verses or stories in the bible and why it is special to them.

An activity sheet with things to pray about, talk about and play together. A colouring in page and a puzzle page too.

a song to remind us that God is always there with us, he will not leave us or forget us.