Sunday 14th March

Our story moves on, The people of God had been in Babylonian captivity almost 70 years. More than twenty years had passed since King Nebuchadnezzar died. Daniel is still in Babylon, Belshazzar is in charge. Nebuchadnezzar learnt that Daniels God was the one true God.. but Belshazzar thought he knew better. He threw a massive, humongous party, lot of people were there and he began to show off the gold and silver cups that had been taken from the temple in Jerusalem many years before. These items were special, dedicated to God and it was insulting to God to use them at this party. A mysterious finger appeared on the wall and began writing….

Here are some questions to think about together:

  • Do you have any questions about this story?
  • I wonder which part of this story is the most important
  • I wonder how we show respect to God today.
Activity sheet

Some activity sheets for Mothers day:

Mums are special people use the flowers to pray for your mum.

Mother’s come in all shapes and sizes.
Who are the people in your life who
love and nurture you?

Happy Mothers day. This animation from Home for Good shows lots of different mums in the bible. I wonder how many of them you can name.