Sunday 21st March

Today is one of the most well know stories in the bible. The story of Daniel and the lions. It is found in Daniel 6. After the writing on the wall predicting the downfall of Belshazzar, that is exactly what happened.. that very evening. A new King is now in post, King Darius and Daniel is one of his trusted advisors. But he is not popular with everyone.. Have a look at the video to remind yourself what happened next.

Some questions for you to think about together.

  • Daniel had a habit of praying regularly. When could you pray together? What would help you?
  • I wonder can you find any moments in Daniel’s story that remind you of Jesus
  • Have you ever felt scared, worried? What do you think could help you having read the story of Daniel?
Finding the Jesus moments in the story of Danel…
Can you spot Daniel in this song… Our God is the king of scary beasts and he was able to rescue Daniel.
Prayer idea:

Grab an empty jar or container, you could decorate it to make it look nice. Take some lolly sticks or strips of paper and write down:

  • names of family and friends you’d like to pray for
  • Thank you God for….
  • I’m sorry God…
  • Please God…..
  • WOW… God you’re amazing.

Decide when you’re going to pray together: mealtimes, bedtime, at the start of the day.

When its time pull out a lollystick, piece of paper and pray for that person or a thankyou prayer etc

We can talk to God about anything and He always listens.