Sunday 18th July: Silence

Today is the last in our Cheeky Pandas series on Prayer.. I hope you have enjoyed exploring all the different aspects of prayer with them. Today we are thinking about SILENCE!

Sometimes we need to be quiet so that we can listen to what God is saying to us. In the Cheeky Panda treehouse they have a silent disco, but because they can’t hear each other they accientally order a very spicy pizza. They learn that to hear God speak we need to listen to him. He is always listening to us.

This song is from the computer game Guardians of Ancora – can you work out the prayer Jesus is teaching his disciples?

On your prayer adventure map the cheeky pandas have a game you can play to help you remember how noises can stop us listening to God. You will need to help them turn off all the noisy items one at a time.

Join the pandas in enjoying being in God’s presence and spending some quiet time with God today.