Sunday 9th May

We are starting a new series for Children and families on a sunday morning – though you can watch and join in at any time. It’s linking in with Thy Kingdom Come which starts this week until Pentecost – the birthday of the church.

Let me introduce you to some cheeky panda’s who are going to help us learn all about prayer.

Who are the Cheeky pandas? Well there is Milo, CJ, Benji, LuLu and Rory. Join them each week as we learn all about prayer together.

This week Milo has lost his guitar pick – is a very special one and he can’t find it anywhere.

Here is this weeks activity sheet all about today’s story.

You can have you own Cheeky Pandas prayer book … just download from here

cheeky pandas prayer book

Look out in the post this week as a very special digital Family Prayer adventure map with AR will be coming your way!!

If mum or dad want to find out more about the AR app have a look here

Join the cheeky pandas as they get ready for the day putting their God suit on!