Sunday 17th Jan

A mix of activities for this week. As a church we’re exploring some of the book of Lamentations this week.

When Jeremiah, the prophet of God, wrote the book of Lamentations, it was at the saddest time ever for a child of God. “Lamentations” mean grief, sorrow, and extreme sadness. God had allowed the Babylonians to come into Jerusalem, and totally destroy it. The Babylonians were ruthless soldiers and were not careful about anything. They wrecked the temple, and took all of the gold and precious things back to Babylon. They set the city on fire. They killed so many people and truly did not care if the person was old, young, man or woman or child. It was a terrible, terrible time for the Jews.

Right now, during this pandemic, you may feel this is a terrible, terrible time too. It’s ok to feel sad, upset, worried, angry… and it’s ok to tell God all about how you feel too. Psalm 62:8 says: Trust God, my friends, and always tell him each one of your concerns. God is our place of safety.

Some of the activities will help you think about how you feel and talk to your family and God about them. There are some colouring in sheets that remind us of the promises God makes to us that we can hold onto in these hard times.

Booklet with lots of activities