Update – 28/03

Hello friends,

I hope you’ve all been able to make the most of the sun this week, even if it’s only been from your back gardens! We’re looking forward to worshipping together online again tomorrow at 10:30am – this week thinking about the creation of birds and fish. Everything will be available from 6pm tonight on our website. My thanks to Alison, Margaret and the band for contributing to the service.

If you’ve not done so already please consider signing up to Slack, our chatroom App – a number of us are already using it to stay connected, pray, swap isolation tips, and much more! We’ll be online tomorrow at 10:00am to pray together before worship, and everyone is welcome to join in. You can join the St James’ group by clicking this link: https://bit.ly/2wzcSHC

We’re also looking for more submissions to this week’s SJ Radio competition! We’d love you to record a 10 second jingle for the show, using whatever instruments you have around the house. Send them to me by the end of Monday and I’ll include them in Episode 2 (coming Wednesday @ 10am).

Finally, with the tighter restrictions in place Becki has started to work mostly from home. We now have a church mobile phone, so if you want to get in touch with her for notices, information or any other reason, please use the new number: 07422678304. Office hours still apply, Mon-Fri 09:30-13:00. The number is also available on our website.

Have a great afternoon, and speak to you all again soon.

God bless,