Update – 24/03/20

Good evening friends – just a short one tonight!

It was great worshipping together in a new way on Sunday. It felt strange not being in our church building, but there was something special about knowing we were still united. I hope you all found it helpful and encouraging. A few of you messaged me to let me know about the issue with sound on the opening video – I wouldn’t worry too much, as most of what I said is out of date now anyway! The issue should be sorted anyhow for this Sunday’s worship. Rest assured, each week we will be making tweaks and changes to keep things working, fresh and engaging.

You will all be aware that stricter measures are now being enforced to ensure that people stay safe. This means that the church building – including the office – is no longer open to the public. Becki still has access to her emails from home, and we are hoping to have a new office mobile phone ready for next week. When that is set up, I will let you all have the number.

Finally, please visit https://stjameswoodley.org/sj-radio/ at 10am tomorrow for our first episode of St James’ Radio! I will send another email round once this has aired with more information about how we planned to stay connected throughout the lockdown…

Stay safe, keep praying, and remember that God is good. 

With love,