Sunday 6th June: Sorry

This week the Cheeky Pandas find out how important it is to say sorry! Even though it’s not always easy, when we do something wrong it’s important to say sorry, and Jesus will always forgive us. CJ has to say sorry when he eats Benji’s last piece of pizza, just like the woman said sorry to Jesus in the bible.

Here is this weeks activity sheet exploring Sorry – there is even a cooking activity!!

It makes God sad when we do wrong things – its like we’ve turned away from Him. Listen to this song as a way of saying sorry to God and starting again.

Use the app or your prayer adventure map to find the game where you select the right path to guide the panda to say sorry to others for things he has done wrong.

If you’ve misplaced your map – here’s a copy

What do you need to say sorry for today?

Pray and say sorry to God.