Live-Streaming @ St James’ Church

We are very proud to have installed a new live-streaming system at the church centre to enable all those who cannot attend church to participate as fully as possible in our worship. For the benefit of those who are attending worship in person, below are some of the guidelines that we will be following:

  • The cameras begin broadcasting 5 minutes before worship starts (10:25am). This includes a microphone for ambient noise, which is situated on the ceiling at the front – please note that this may pick up conversation!
  • The wide-angle camera has view of the stage area, plus the front two rows of seats. It is wonderful to help those at home feel part of the congregation, so you are encouraged to sit towards the front! But if you do not want to be on camera, the best option is to sit behind the pillars. 
  • While the congregation are receiving Holy Communion, the cameras will not show the front of church. This is to allow everyone to participate and not be concerned about being on camera. 
  • If any safeguarding issues arise in relation to the stream, please notify the duty warden as soon as possible who will liaise with the camera operator.

We are working hard to ensure that those viewing from home are getting the best possible experience. During worship, please privately message the live-stream contact (normally Jeremy Galpin) with any technical issues. These can then hopefully be fixed without distracting those who are worshipping.