Rendezvous Holiday at Home – May 2015


The Rendezvous Outing this year was a bit of an experiment, finding myself unable to carry out the original plan for our outing I was delighted when Nick Jackson our vicar suggested a “Holiday at Home”.

So we had a day at the seaside in St James Church, ably assisted by all the team, we provided pictures of beach huts on the sand by the sea, bunting and a fun fair filled with old fashioned hoopla, roll a penny, and bean bags, there was also a sand pit, rock pool and a pond with ducks to hook.

We are very grateful for the help and support that we received from Elaine Hawkes with the donation of the Pre School sand and games and also for the use of their garden.

We were blessed with a beautiful day and everyone had a really good time, with lots of laughter and joining in the activities. We were joined by Nick and Jane our curate and Pam, Nick’s wife. The afternoon ended with fish and chips in a paper bag and a wooden fork to eat them, followed by ice-cream cornets and lemonade and ice-cream.

The day ended with an impromptu singsong as everyone left, just as you would do if you were on a coach.

What can we do next year? Watch this space!!!!

Margaret Lowe


PS We have just had our summer Bring and Buy Sale and the money which we raised we are donating to the church roof fund and our members have offered to make a regular donation to the fund. Thank you to them for their generosity.