Operation Christmas Child 2015

Once again St James supported Operation Christmas Child in 2015.

This year Messy Church, St James congregation and the local Beavers group put together 130 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. Well done everyone. Our boxes were part of over 29,000 sent from the UK to Albania.

Shoeboxes 20151117_120633 645x363

Shoeboxes 20151117_120747 363x645


OCC Albania alternative

Operation Christmas Child wrote “Once more children in need, all over the globe, experienced the joy of a simple shoebox gift and the hope that comes with knowing they are loved and not forgotten. Thank you for partnering with Operation Christmas Child in 2015 to share God’s love in a tangible way with children across the world over the Christmas season.”

Children like 10 year old Sophia, “My mother died four years ago. I am living with my grandmother who doesn’t see and hear well. This year I underwent two serious surgeries of my legs so I can walk but I still have pain and I am still using a wheel chair.  I was invited to go to the children’s party to receive a shoebox present.  The weather was fine and my granny took me – it took us about an hour because the place was a bit distant. If I could jump because of the joy I felt when I received my present, I would have! There were so many beautiful things inside: bracelets, necklaces, pencils, sweets and many other things. I am thankful for this wonderful present to the people who sent it to me.”


In 2014 our shoe boxes were sent to…Zambia

Shoeboxes 2014 (2)

Children in Zambia with their shoeboxes

Through these shoebox gifts we have been able to show children around the world, living in difficult situations, that they are loved and not forgotten. Many of these children will never have received a gift in their life before.

Children like Memory – a local volunteer reported: “In the Solwezi district, 13 year old Kennedy has a little sister called Memory who is 11. For a long time, Memory had been praying for a doll, but their parents could not afford to buy one. When she was given a shoebox gift she received her longed for doll.  The whole family shed tears of joy to see the prayer being answered through a simple shoebox.”

Operation Christmas Child writes: ‘We thank God for your contribution to Operation Christmas Child in 2014 and for helping us to share God’s love with children at Christmas.’


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