Messy June @ home

Today’s bible story is from the new testament, in the book of Acts. Jesus had gone back to heaven and the disciples had receieved the special gift Jesus had promised them.. the Holy Spirit. The disciples were telling everyone about Jesus and with the Holy Spirit in them they could do amazing things.. just like Jesus did. On this particular occasion Peter and John were on their way to the temple…

Peter and John heal a lame man for younger children
The lame man tells his story of how Peter and John healed him.

You can find today’s story in Acts 3: 1-8

There are several crafts helping us to explore the story of Peter and John healing the lame man. It’s also Father’s Day this month so you could make a Father’s Day card or add your children’s hands or feet to a poem just for Father’s Day.

Please choose to do as many of the crafts as you would like to. You could spread them out over the week or do them all on one day.

  • Father’s day cards

Rocket Father’s Day card.
  • Father’s day poem with hand/foot prints
  • TRIORAMA: Peter heals the lame man
  • Garden obstacle course

You will need: various objects to create an obstacle course eg: boxes, hoops, rope, tunnels, climbing frame, blankets, cushions …. anything you have in your garden/home……..and a blindfold.

Make an obstace course in your garden or in the house. Put on the blindfold. Can you complete the obstacle course? What if someone helps you? How does it feel trying to complete the obstacle course when you can’t see it. Take off the blindfold. Now try it. How does that feel? Time each other; who is the fastest? It must have been very hard for the lame man, unable to walk, unable to earn any money. But Peter, through the power of the Holy Spirit, made him better… wow how different his life was. It tells us in the reading that he went ‘leaping and jumping and praising God’.

  • Science Experiment

You will need: tealight candle, coloured water, glass, plate, matches (and an adult)

Colour your water with food colouring and add it to the plate. Place your tealight candle in the centre of the plate and light it. Take your glass and place it over the candle. Watch what happens. …

That’s amazing! I wonder why that happens?

  • Dancing man
  • Colouring in

There are lots of different colouring activities this month. Some pictures from the story of Peter healing the lame man but some that takes the name ‘Jesus’ which was so powerful to heal the man.

Tell the story again with this story wheel. Print off the 2 sheets, cut around the outside line, colour in the pictures. Using a split pin attach the 2 circles with the complete circle on the bottom. As you move the top circle you can tell the story.

I wonder what you discovered about today’s story…

This song was just realised last week but it reminds us of how powerful the name of Jesus is. It healed the lame man in our story today and when we feel scared, afraid, sad, don’t know what to do, whatever… all we have to do is speak his name and that same power of Jesus will be with us and help us ….all the time….day or night.

For today’s prayers you’re going to have to find a few things from around your home. Come back together when you’ve got them all, as you hold each item you can pray the prayer below or add your own prayers.

You’ll need

  • a photo of your family or friends,
  • a spoon
  • cuddly toy
  • pencil
  • some soap
  • a clock or watch.