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  • A summer of Psalms (August 2021)
    All through the summer our services are looking at a different Psalm each week: Psalm 23, 1, 88, 19, 121 and 150. The Psalms describe a whole range of emotions, from joy and wonder to […]
  • Sunday 18th July: Silence
    Today is the last in our Cheeky Pandas series on Prayer.. I hope you have enjoyed exploring all the different aspects of prayer with them. Today we are thinking about SILENCE! Sometimes we need to […]
  • Sunday 11th July: Celebrate
    I wonder what do you celebrate The parable of the lost coin reminds us of how important we are to Jesus. In the Cheeky Panda treehouse Benji is saving up to buy a new guitar […]
  • Sunday 4th July: Adore
    I wonder what you think of when you hear the word ‘Adore’. I must admit I think of the Christmas Carol ‘O come all ye faithful’. If you look up ‘adore’ in the dictionary it […]
  • Sunday 27th June: Help
    We all need help sometimes – even grown ups! God loves it when we ask for His help. In the Cheeky Panda treehouse the pandas see a large spider and are really scared. They learn […]
  • Sunday 20th June: Pray
    Prayer is the way we communicate with God. How do we pray? We can talk to Him with words, pictures, music, silence and lots of other ways too, and He communicates with us in different […]
  • Sunday 13th June: Offer
    We all have something to offer to others to help them. In the Cheeky Panda treehouse the song machine is broken and LuLu is trying to fix it, but is only making it worse. She […]
  • Sunday 6th June: Sorry
    This week the Cheeky Pandas find out how important it is to say sorry! Even though it’s not always easy, when we do something wrong it’s important to say sorry, and Jesus will always forgive […]
  • Sunday 30th May
    This week the Cheeky pandas are trying to think of a gift to get CJ for her birthday. They order pink ice skates, but pink iced cakes arrive and are all broken. All the pandas […]
  • Pentecost Sunday
    I wonder what the Cheeky Pandas are up to today? Today we celebrate Pentecost, the birthday of the Church. God has asked us to help share his love with the whole world! His Holy Spirit […]
  • Sunday 16th May
    It’s week 2 of the Cheeky Pandas. I wonder what they have been up to this week…. Even on bad days, it does us good to praise God because it reminds us of how good […]
  • Sunday 9th May
    We are starting a new series for Children and families on a sunday morning – though you can watch and join in at any time. It’s linking in with Thy Kingdom Come which starts this […]
  • Sunday 2nd May
    The adults are returning to the book of Acts for the sermons this month. Paul continues his adventures as he shares the good news about Jesus to everyone throughout the Roman Empire. This video is […]
  • Sunday 18th April
    Today we’re going to be looking at another encounter 2 disciples had with Jesus after he had come back to life. These disciples had come to Jerusalem to celebrate – the festival of passover. But […]
  • Sunday 11th April
    Today we’re looking at one of the encounters Jesus had with his disciples. Many didn’t believe that Jesus was alive but he appeared to Mary, the disciples, and over 500 people. He ate with people, […]
  • Easter Sunday
    Wow what a rollercoaster of emotions the disciples have been on this week. The celebration of Palm Sunday, the shock and confusion of Jesus’ actions in the temple. The last supper was full of surprises […]
  • Palm Sunday 2021
    Today is Palm Sunday and the beginning of Jesus’ last week. This week will be full of excitement, joy, wonder, expectation, utter sadness, disappointment, pain, suffering, despair, confusion, guilt, unbelief, exhilaration … and so many […]
  • Sunday 21st March
    Today is one of the most well know stories in the bible. The story of Daniel and the lions. It is found in Daniel 6. After the writing on the wall predicting the downfall of […]
  • Sunday 14th March
    Our story moves on, The people of God had been in Babylonian captivity almost 70 years. More than twenty years had passed since King Nebuchadnezzar died. Daniel is still in Babylon, Belshazzar is in charge. […]
  • Sunday 7th March
    Today’s story is about Daniel’s three friends, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, it is from Daniel chapter 3. We find out that Nebuchadnezzar has built a huge gold statue that he expects everyone to worship. The […]
  • Sunday 21st February
    Today we find out King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and Daniel, with God’s help, is able to tell him what it all means. You can find all the details of King Nebuchanezzar’s in Daniel 2: 24-47. Here […]
  • Sunday 14th February
    Have you ever had a dream? Well in Chapter 2 King Nebuchadnezzar had such a disturbing dream he couldn’t sleep at all. None of his wisemen could interpret his dream and it was getting desperate… […]
  • Sunday 7th February
    Between now and Easter we will be exploring the book of Daniel together. What’s the first thing you can think of when someone mentions ‘Daniel’? I can guess that 100% of you will come up […]
  • Sunday 31st Jan
    This week is all about God calling Moses. The readings are from Exodus3&4. As you read think about these questions. You could talk about them together as a family. What did I discover about God? […]
  • Sunday 17th Jan
    A mix of activities for this week. As a church we’re exploring some of the book of Lamentations this week. When Jeremiah, the prophet of God, wrote the book of Lamentations, it was at the […]
  • Sunday 10th Jan
    Activity sheets about John the Baptist Discussion questions, prayer activity and colouring in sheet For more detailed instructions to complete the craft
  • Sunday Worship
    Over the summer, we’re going to be exploring some of the Psalms together! Between 18th July – 4th August The church centre will be temporarily closed for refurbishment. Unfortunately we won’t be able to offer […]
  • Sunday 25th October
    Welcome to the Oasis – our act of intergenerational worship live from St James’ Church Centre! Each month at the Oasis we explore a different topic together, asking questions about faith and the Bible, and […]
  • Sunday 18th October
    Welcome to Sunday Worship at St James Church Centre! This service was live streamed. You can view the recording by clicking here: You can join us at 10:30 each week on Facebook: Our […]
  • Sunday 11th October
    Welcome to Sunday worship at St James’ Church Centre! This service was live streamed, and the recording can be accessed here: Join us every Sunday at 10:30 for worship here: Our Bible readings […]
  • Sunday 4th October
    Welcome to Sunday worship at St James’ Church Centre! This morning’s 10:30 Holy Communion was recorded, and can be accessed by clicking the link below: Bible Readings – Psalm 19 – A Psalm of […]
  • Sunday 27th September
    Join us for worship live from St James’ Church Centre! You can rewatch the recording of the live stream in HD on Youtube: Everyone is welcome to join us live every Sunday at 10:30 […]
  • Sunday 20th September
    Welcome This service was live-streamed! You can access the recording by clicking here: You will need a Facebook account in order to view the stream this time, but we’re working on fixing this for […]
  • Sunday 13th September
    Notices Opening Worship This morning’s service has been put together by Alison Mullens Psalm 114 (GNT) 1 When the people of Israel left Egypt,    when Jacob’s descendants left that foreign land,2 Judah became the Lord’s holy people,    Israel became his […]
  • Sunday 6th September
    Introduction to Worship Song of Worship Confession Children’s activity sheet based on this weeks readings For those who completed the Superhero challenge sheets over the summer Well done. Here is your Superhero certificate! If you […]
  • Sunday 30th August
    Welcome & Notices Notices 1. Digital Lounge this afternoon at 2pm. Click here to join! 2. Laurence is on holiday from 3rd-12th Sept. Please contact the office or churchwardens if needed. 3. We’re currently exploring […]
  • Sunday 23rd August
    The Oasis is our new intergenerational act of worship. Each month we will be exploring a different topic together, asking questions about faith and the Bible, and applying what we learn to our lives. This […]
  • Sunday 16th August
    Welcome & Notices Order of service put together by Laurence Song of Worship Psalm 150 is titled ‘Praise the Lord with music’ and then lists lots of different ways we can praise God through music […]
  • Sunday 9th August
    Welcome & Introduction to Worship Today’s worship has been put together by Linda. Prayer of Confession We come seeking God in mighty earthquakes. We come listening for God in resounding thunder. We come expecting God […]
  • Sunday 2nd August
    Welcome Song of Worship Summer Memory verse This weeks memory verse to download is Phil 4:13 Where are you putting your verses to help you learn them ? Update from the Fletchers This morning’s memory […]
  • Sunday 26th July
    The Oasis is our new intergenerational act of worship. Each month we will be exploring a different topic together, asking questions about faith and the Bible, and applying what we learn to our lives. This […]
  • Sunday 19th July
    Welcome & Invitation to Worship Good and loving Father, give us the desire to seek you, and patience to wait for you; give us wisdom to recognise you, eyes to behold you, and hearts to […]
  • Sunday 12th July
    Welcome and Opening Prayer ‘Come near to God and he will come near to you.’ – James 4:8 If you’d like to join our mailing list, or would an invite to our Zoom chat, then please email me by clicking here! Jesus, […]
  • Sunday 5th July
    Welcome Opening Scripture 22 Because of the LORD’s gracious love we are not consumed, since his compassions never end. 23 They are new every morning – great is your faithfulness! — Lamentations 3:22-3 (ISV) Song […]
  • Sunday 28th June
    The Oasis is our new intergenerational act of worship. Each month we will be exploring a different topic together, asking questions about faith and the Bible, and applying what we learn to our lives. This […]
  • Sunday 21st June
    (Before we begin this act of worship, can I encourage us all to spend a moment praying about the events in Forbury Gardens last night. Three people have died, and three others have been seriously […]
  • Sunday 14th June
    Welcome If you are new and would like to say hello, and would like to join our mailing list or Slack group, then please email me by clicking here! Invitation to Worship Today’s worship was […]
  • Sunday 7th June
    Welcome & Invitation to Worship ‘O Lord, let your ear be attentive to the prayer of your servant, and to the prayer of your servants who delight in revering your name.’ – Nehemiah 1:11 Song […]
  • Sunday 31st May
    Welcome and Notices You can learn more about Yeldall Manor’s Ride for Recovery and support our church families that are taking part by clicking here. Invitation to Worship Jesus Christ, whom we worship, is our […]
  • Sunday 24th May
    The Oasis is our new intergenerational act of worship. Each month we will be exploring a different topic together, asking questions about faith and the Bible, and applying what we learn to our lives. This […]