Quiz Night 2 (18/07/20)

For Quiz Night 2, 60 members of St James’ came together on Zoom to form 11 teams. Using everything at their disposal (apart from Google), they fought through 4 rounds of fiendish questions, until the winners were found – the Tivey family. Here you can take part in the quiz too! Can you beat their winning score of 62/100? Click the link in each round title to start…

Round 1: The Baby Photos

  • Guess the member of St James’ from their baby picture!
  • One point per correct answer
  • In picture 21, you’re guessing the baby on the left
  • Total points: 25

Round 2: Who is Laurence?

  • One point for guessing who Laurence is meant to be
  • Up to two points for correctly answering the follow-up question(s)
  • Total points: 30

Round 3: 50th Anniversary

  • Can you answer these questions from significant years in the life of St James’?
  • One point per correct answer
  • Total points: 30

Round 4: Churches Around Woodley

  • Rules are written at the top of the round
  • If you score 10-12 points, give yourself a bonus 3 points!
  • Total points: 15

That’s the end of Quiz Night 2! How did you do?

Quiz Night 1 (25/04/20)

Put your finery on and get out the premium snacks (if you have any left) as Hannah & Laurence put your knowledge to the test. This quiz is suitable for everyone – there are 5 rounds on a variety of subjects, all with varying degrees of difficulty. Take part either by yourself or find some teammates from your family, small group, or someone else on Slack!

The Questions Video

Good luck!

The Answers Video