Website Policy

Our website provides a valuable resource for communication both between the St James team and congregation, and to the wider community and beyond. Our aim is to make it the 1st place to go to for information about us and what we do. So keeping the site current, relevant, and accurate is a must, and requires us all to help make it happen.


Q1. Who maintains the website content?

A1. The Children and Young People pages are updated by our Childrens and Youth workers. New pages and everything else are updated by Colin Mayer. Please tell us if anything on the website looks incorrect, or doesn’t work.

Laurence Smith has Editorial responsibility for the website content. Andrew Galpin helps us with the technical side of providing the website hosting and its features.


Q2. How can I publicise my group or event?

A2. If you are organising a group, event, activity etc at St James, and would like it to be included in the website, please send details to

Wherever possible new items will be made easy to find by clicking from the Homepage where ‘Tickertape’ scrolling messages often appear.

After an event it can be good to provide a brief account of how it went, and maybe some photos, to showcase St James to our community and beyond.


Q3. Are there any special requirements when providing photos of people or using their names?

A3. Yes. Photos do enhance our website but not everyone is comfortable with having their own image made available on our website, and therefore to the world.

Similarly, you should avoid identifying people by full name, either in photo captions, or within any general text or document, unless by their prior agreement or to satisfy a legal requirement.

So if you provide photos containing people images or documents identifying people by name it is expected (and assumed) that you have gained the permission of the person(s) concerned to make their image(s) or names available online. If the images are of children you should obtain the permission of their parent.


Q4. What is our policy on using material taken from elsewhere on the web, on our website?

A4. A common assumption is that anything you find on the web is available for you to freely reuse anywhere you wish. This is not so. All material is automatically subject to copyright control, and that control generally rests with the person who created the original work. If you want to include music, artwork, the written  or spoken word, pictures or video clips that are the work of others, in your own work, then you must first obtain the relevant permission of the copyright owner, and then use their work in accordance with their terms of use.

Organisations using materials protected by copyright in their work can usually get permission in the form of a licence. A cost may be incurred.

So if you use any such material in something you wish to publish on our website it is expected (and assumed) that you will have checked and gained such permission as is required, and then use the material in whatever way its terms of use require (eg this could mean making an acknowledgement within your work).

For comprehensive further information a useful source is