The Marriage Course 2020

The pandemic has been difficult for us all. Whether you’ve been together six months or 40 years, whether you’re in a good place or struggling, The Marriage Course offers practical support to help couples to invest in and strengthen their relationships. Each week we will be providing videos to help couples engage with topics such as communication, forgiveness, sex, conflict, and more.

It isn’t just for Christians, or even just for married couples – the principles apply to all romantic relationships and everyone is welcome to take part.

You can view the trailer for The Marriage Course below:

Everything you do as a part of this course will be just between you & your partner – you won’t be asked to share anything. We’d recommend that you make this a weekly date night together, creating an environment at home that’s special to both of you. Of course you’re welcome to reach out if there’s anything you’d like to discuss further!

To register, please fill in the contact form below. Each couple will be given access to personal journals to help guide them through the course, which will be sent as a digital copy via email. You can still sign up, even if the course has already begun!

I hope you will join us for this journey,

Laurence (Vicar)

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